Kylah S.P

Visual Artist

Southern California | Greater NYC

As a self-educated contemporary mixed media artist, inspired by Miro, Dali, and Freud for their representation of cognizance, and the brain; my pieces' goals' are to locate the psyche, mine and yours — Which in itself can be short-lived. As a queer woman of color, I want to examine identity, mental illness, the ego, our intentions, and our anxieties. I want to peel back the interdependent layers that define us, constrict us, and bring meaning to our lives. Jersey-born (and raised), Cali matured, I find myself searching for the balance between inevitable chaos, and labored peace. At best, my work is an act of pure catharsis, overcome with illustrations of automatism. I am interested in creating immersive work that calls for the audience to retreat within themselves, and question what is it they truly feel. The subjectivity of individualism is what makes it all worthy. When the viewer states “But I could have made that...”, I want them to also seek, but why? What would it mean for you, what does it mean to you? 

Studying mixed media gives me the freedom to explore never-ending possibilities through hasty change, color choice, composition, method of and growing knowledge of a multitude of materials. Broad strokes and fleeting moments are captured in the layers, and forms that are spontaneously constructed. Moments that are depicted only exist to punctuate the human drama, to interpret our desires, our existence, and to find visually poetic meaning in the pressure of the now.  

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My narcissism keeps me motivated, my anxieties keep me humble.