Visual Art.

I work in abstraction through the lens of my own mind. My work fuses the compartmentalized structure in the anxiously chaotic mind. I find peace in arranging tiny moments of emotively personal outbursts into discernible shapes that can be recognized by any eye. The immature characters that appear in my work reflect the reminiscence of childhood while the chaos in-between portray the suppression of all the things that affected the joyous. My subjects are the fleeting, the emotions that come in waves of fierceness and futility. With influences such as Basquiat, Miro, and Dali but not for their works, rather their thoughts and approach to the canvas itself. The goal of my work is to locate the psyche, mine and yours — which in itself can be short-lived, a fugitive. Navigating mental illness through any perspective holds the utmost subjectiveness and the emotions, though similar, are empirically opposite for each individual.

This is the way I prefer to create. The understanding that most methods are inevitably alike but outcomes are distinguishably relatable to me, as an artist, as a person. Moments that are depicted in my work only exist to punctuate the human drama in order to clarify our existence and to find a somewhat poetic meaning in everyday life. I have no interest in using my art to represent imagery or direct aspects from the real world. Rather than telling the audience what it is they need to see, the subjectivity of individualism is what makes the art valuable. Continually increasing the dynamic we share between artist and society, body-self, conscious-unconscious. What you don’t see is not necessarily nonexistent.  Rarely ever predetermined, spontaneity is found in many of my pieces; preferring to work in the now I seek to capture the essence of the ephemeral. Which allows for me to explore the range of possibilities through the impulsive changes in color choice, composition, the method of application and surface preparation. Sometimes resulting in layers upon layers of force and resistance, rules and omissions, acceptance and refusal, other times no layers at all.


I have a long history of lusting over words. The thought and absence of thought intrigues me so often I feel it is necessary to capture these moments of impulsivity forever. I began writing poetry at a young age when writing letters to incarcerated family members become a daily task. Well before the canvas — a notepad was my first medium.

I am currently working on a memoir that navigates the life of a younger me and what it’s like honoring two parents that suffer from mental illness, inflamed egos, and self driven destruction. It deals with grief, loss, revival, and release for the things that we mustn’t hold on to and the things, though treacherous, deserve a round of applause for allowing the person I am to emerge today. My creatives rarely coexist in harmony when one is failing the other is flourishing and it’s a constant back and forth between what art satisfies a much needed release at the time.


"I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music." Joan Miro